Market Leader Strategy Session - 21 Lessons


Price: US$1,000.00


Have the expertise and the experience but are not sure how to start leading your market? Then this course is for you.

My name is Craig Schulze, and with 20+ years of business under my belt, I have been through the ups and downs of several business industries. I understand how technology changes, and how money and influencers come and go. But one thing you cannot lose is the knowledge of how to build and nurture a business, and how to secure yourself as a Market Leader.

In comes the Market Leader Strategy Session, a fully packed course on how to navigate being the Leader in your chosen business field from Day 1.

21 Business Leaders from all around the World, top leaders in their field, experienced in business, and are continuously serving the world right now.

21 full interviews packed with knowledge, and years of experience, all ready to pass on their skills to you - for you to become your own Market Leader.

Whether you are just starting your business, or feeling stuck, or feeling the need to get new energy and get mentored, this is a course that will help you narrow down decades of business knowledge and experience to hours of videos that you can listen to, learn from, and relearn from to build your own business path, and mark yourself as a leader in your niche.

Some of the leaders you'll be hearing from inside the course:

Jack Delosa, Gerard Adams, Bradley Sugars, and more.

Start your Market Leader Strategy Session today.

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