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Stem Cell Technology Is The Future of Health, Beauty and Medicine

Don't be left behind! One of the principles I teach for success is that if you want to make it to the top, you must leverage the upward trends. One of those trends that are exploding today is Stem Cell Technology products that are changing lives.

Dr Nathan Newman Stem Cell Technology by JEUNESSE®

Successful Network Marketing Is All About Choosing The Right Product And The Right Company - What You Need To Know About The JEUNESSE® Stem Cell Technology Story

Aging - this is a topic that literally affects everyone. But what if there was a revolutionary solution. The answer: stem cells.

Stem cells are basically our fountain of youth. This is what maintains our bodies reparative, regenerative abilities. As we age every cell breaks down, and that needs to be replaced. And what replaces it is the stem cells.

By using stem cells, Jeunesse® has developed a special growth factor complex that heals cells and slows down the appearance of the aging process. The process begins with the search for the best stem cells in the human body. The stem cells are found within the body's fat layer. By using a sterile and specialised syringe, doctors extract a mixture of fatty tissue and a group of healthy stem cells. Laboratory technicians then separate the stem and fat cells by using a centrifuge system. From here the stem cells are placed in a petri dish and given food they need to grow. As the cells grow they multiply quickly filling in any gaps or holes. This is very similar to how the body heals wounds. During this phase, the stem cells release a chemical signal - or what is called a growth factor. Growth factors are "the cell's language". This is how thousands of cells communicate, enabling each other to do one vital function - repair and regenerate tissue in the body. Growth factors are the critical ingredient used in a revolutionary youth enhancing system developed by a global leader in this technology- Jeunesse®.

The company is Jeunesse®. The state of the art product is Luminesce. Click here to find out more...

"Stem cell technology is very important to medicine and to the cosmetic industry because it's allowing us to deliver to the body exactly the same growth factor the same signals that it needs to repair and regenerate the tissues."

Dr Nathan Newman

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