Building wealth is without a doubt one of the most significant strategies you need to implement in life if you want a freedom lifestyle.

I have been investing in property for 20 years and is one of my key success strategies and also passions. As a part of the one-shot movement podcast, I decided to interview the best property experts in the world.

Expert 1 - Michael Yardney

Michael is one of the biggest players in Australia's property landscape. He is the founder of one of the biggest property businesses, published 10 books, has a top 10 business podcast in Australia and has 1.5 million viewers on his weekly blog. Michael shares his insights to the property market during the uncertainty of COVID.

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Expert 2 - Marissa Schulze

Marissa is the co-founder of broking firm Rise High. Marissa is an experienced investor in the property market that crosses residential, commercial, developments, renovations, and education. Marissa has self-published a book and is a regular in the media and mainstream TV for her expertise. Marissa dives deep into using property investing as wealth creation and her favourite set and forget model.

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Expert 3 - Brad Sugars

Brad is one of the world's biggest business coaches with over 1000 franchisees in over 80 countries. Brad has published near 20 books and a big investor into the property market. In fact I took his advice near 20 years ago when I started where he said set up your business for cashflow and invest it into a property. This episode is all things business, sales and marketing but his take on WHY property should not be missed.

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I hope you enjoy these 3 insightful episodes. My advice to anyone wanting to progress in life always engage an expert.

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